Welcome to the TD Zone

The TD zone uses the StartGate program to link to the zone server in the same way that your browser does on the MS zone. StartGate runs a few checks for hacks and cheats while you are using the TD zone. This system is run on a voluntary basis and will only be open to TD forum members.

Anyone caught cheating or trying to hack the system will be banned. You Have Been Warned!

This said the TD team hope that you will respect other people on the TD zone and use it the way it is intended, as a place we can all come together and enjoy some close MCM2 racing.

The system is still under development so please be patient with any problems you may encounter and report them to a TD member giving as much information as you can so we can try to fix them. Also please read the help file to make sure you have done everything possible to ensure the problem isn't your settings.

Big thanks

To all the beta testers and the TD team, especially Bob (Fixer), Bruce (AMA_DirtTwister), Jeff (MCMNut), Pete (Bulldog) and Andrew (Extreme), without their help, input and regular testing this wouldn't be nearly so good. Finally, thanks to Scott (X_XRacer) for providing the server and webspace.


Before you can use the zone you will need to download StartGate which you use to control your sessions and races, the latest version will always be available from your profile page. When you run StartGate you will need to select the Rider profile you use to log into the zone (this must be exactly the same name as you used to register in the zone) and supply your zone password. Once you have successfully logged in, StartGate will list the lobbies available on the TD zone, just double click on a lobby to enter it. Once you enter a lobby you can chat with other riders in the lobby, Host or Join game rooms and if you are hosting launch the game. People with routers and firewalls will have to make sure their port forwarding is setup correctly.

Lap Times and Ranking

The TD zone records race and lap times which are used in ranking riders in 2 different ways. First there is the hot lap ranking system which is based on the Hot Lap times recorded by the zone, there is also a monthly divisional competition which is based on the total race time for the monthly tracks.

The TD zone is arranged into 4 classes, 125cc, 250cc, Open class (500cc-600cc) and Unlimited class for bikes with non standard power curves.

Lap times are recorded for Hot laps as well as the total race times for 5 and 10 lap races. Only the fastest times for each track and rider are recorded. The rankings are based on the Hot Lap times, each rider is ranked by adding the points for the fastest 20 Hot Laps on each track, the rider with the most points is ranked #1. Once you have a ranking you will ride the TD zone with that number on your plate. These rankings are calculated real time at the end of each race. At the moment the 5 and 10 lap race times aren't used in the ranking calculations.

Divisional competition

This will be a monthly competition where riders will move up and down the divisions according to their best race times recorded the month before. The idea is that riders will settle out into divisions with more equal skills. This means racing riders from the same division will give closer bar-banging racing. The competition is spread over all 4 bike classes and each month will be run on a specified SX and National track. The tracks will be selected by TD from the best available and might be WFO one month and Tech the next or anywhere in between to give everyone some challenge.

Lobby types

There are 3 lobby types, Open racing, Beta testing and Divisional. Rooms in Open racing lobbies will record all Hot Lap, 5 Lap race and 10 Lap race times. Rooms in Divisional lobbies will only record race times from races on the divisional tracks with the correct number of laps completed. Beta rooms are for beta testing only and no lap times will be recorded.

Note: Please use the Beta rooms for all beta testing since if you don't you will fill the TD zone database with unecessary track times and you won't make any friends among the TD team if you don't.


It is possible to create teams on the TD zone, a simple team management interface has been included to allow team leaders to accept new members and elect leaders etc. This will be improved over time. People can request to join any team from their profile, it isthen up to the team leaders to accept any new members.


Have fun,
The TwistedDIRT team.