The Reflex Compiler is now ready for you to try out.

This is a compiler and not a track editor. It uses a track file which defines the files it should use to compile the track with,(file extension of *.track). We are still working on the format of the splines so at the moment it is only possible to create free ride tracks, but it will allow you to experiment with track making for Reflex.


Reflex tracks are very different to Unleashed or MCM tracks. SX tracks use a disp map of 1024x1024 and Nats use a DispMap of 2048x2048. You will need 4 detail overlay textures and 4 detail bump mapping textures. These are then laid over the disp map using a mask texture where each color channel, Red, Green and blue are used to mask on one of these detail/bump textures over the main texture. You will also need a softness mask and 4 zone maps that control friction, audio and particle information.

Reflex Track Compiler

As you can see above the compiler window is split into 2 parts:

1) The top part is the Project view window which displays the track definition file, which you edit to add your own texture file as you create your track.

2) The lower part is the status window, which gives messages during the compilation process.
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