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General Discussion / How to make MX vs ATV All Out / mesx Mods
« on: May 04, 2018, 02:12:42 pm »
Here's a "quick" tutorial on all out/mesx mods.
The general procedure is basically the same for both games with 2 main differences.
I think that you need a bit of basic knowledge to be able to understand it right away because it is quite a messy process :).
Anyways, If you have any questions or issues let me know and I'll get back to you :)

Have fun!

So this is the official list of the 2017 Reflex AMA SX tracks. This list will update so be sure to keep an eye on here ;). Here you can find the real life track layouts:

Round 1: Anaheim 1 = Ktm6060



Round 2: San Diego = MotoTank and Ds19           

Round 3: Anaheim 2 = Ktm6060

Round 4: Glendale = C4Detonator


Round 5: Oakland = Ds19


Round 6: Arlington = Ds19


Round 7: Minneapolis = C4Detonator


Round 8: Atlanta = Kyle


Round 9: Toronto = Ds19


Round 10: Daytona = /

Not Done

Round 11: Indianapolis = Ds19 & Mototank

Link: Link:

Round 12: Detroit = nt816nt

Not uploaded yet.

Round 13: St. Louis =  Dion

Link: Link:

Round 14: Seattle = Ds19

Link: Link:

Round 15: Salt Lake City = Kidzorro


Round 16: East Rutherford = Dion

Link: Link:

Round 17: Las Vegas = C4


Since a few people asked me for it, here it is. It should give you the basic idea on how it works.

Post your Questions/Feedback here or hit me up on steam: *STS* Ds19

YES! I did this video in the past but i wasnt happy with it.. so i redid it :)

If you have any questins just post them below ;)

Track Creators / Splines not very well done
« on: January 12, 2016, 07:15:28 pm »
Alvaretta, the one in the video, (and more) are very well made tracks but they all share the same problem: the splines are just not very well done. Some of you might be happy that you can cut almost everything but it is just a bit annoying. When you crash it can also happen that you spawn off track because the splines go out that far.

The video (link below) shows a lap i did on a track that got uploaded on reflex central. I got off track onec and noticed that i didnt get the off track timer so i started exploring. This is a lap i did with many cut lines just to show you how easy it is to get good lap times by cutting (no penalty). This is rather unfair against other people that do 20+ laps just to get a good lap time that is legit.

So when you make a new track:
Even if you spend a long time on the hightmap and get a feeling that you are done with the track and just want to release it, take some time (i usually do it in <10 minutes) and do a lap riding on the left and right edge of the track to see if you find anything you dont like. If you find something take these 2 minutes to fix everything you want to fix. Perhaps even add a reset spot with the zone map on tight corners.

-> again: this track is just an example.

And I'm not only speaking for myself. There are many people out there (like AHeckman2) who think the same way.

Please let me know what your opinion is and reply below.

Yo guys... Here's a tutorial on how to make Bump Models..
If you have any questions/problems just post them here or under the video..
Nothing more to say other then: I'm looking forward to seeing new good looking tracks  :D

Thanks to: JamieT and Filip42 For teaching/helping me :)

Track Creators / Need help
« on: April 13, 2015, 01:36:22 pm »
I just wanted to ask if there is a way to convert the 4 beta track files back into a ".track" file.

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