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MX vs ATV Reflex - Reflex DLC Camera Files
by Twisted D.I.R.T.

This download contains several camera files that give you differernt viewing options. The default MX camera has a view distance of 12 for both Visual and GamePlay. GamePlay is also used by the User camera. The camera files contained in this zip have either 16 or 18 for the Visual Camera (I call this the 1st camera, where the 1st person camera is the 3rd camera). The other variations of the camera file has 25, 50, 75, 100, 200, and 300 for the GamePlay camera. I normally use the GamePlay camera but when taking screen shots and examining tracks I will use the long distance cameras, which forces me to use the Visual Camera. I have these adjusted to a distance that I like when online racing. The zip contents and naming scheme is described below.

This MXReflex_Cameras zip file contains the following files:

  • MX_Camera_16_16.bxml
  • MX_Camera_16_25.bxml
  • MX_Camera_16_50.bxml
  • MX_Camera_16_75.bxml
  • MX_Camera_16_100.bxml
  • MX_Camera_16_200.bxml
  • MX_Camera_16_300.bxml
  • MX_Camera_18_18.bxml
  • MX_Camera_18_25.bxml
  • MX_Camera_18_50.bxml
  • MX_Camera_18_75.bxml
  • MX_Camera_18_100.bxml
  • MX_Camera_18_200.bxml
  • MX_Camera_18_300.bxml
  • readme.txt

The naming convention is:


MX_Camera_16_25.bxml is an MX Camera with a Visual view distance of 16 and a GamePlay view distance of 25. The GamePlay also affects the User camera.


1st Camera - Visual
2nd Camera - GamePlay
3rd Camera - 1st Person
4th Camera - User - same view distance as GamePlay

There is a readme in the zip that explains how to find where they go if you do not know. The simple instructions are to unzip the contents of this zip into it's own folder. You then take the camera file that you want do use and replace the MX_Camera.bxml file in your Reflex's "Cameras" folder.

Video of the 300 Camera:

**** Disclaimer ****

Please treat this as a beta and if in doubt disable it by deleting it or renaming the extension of the database file to something the game doesn't recognize.

There is a quirk with Reflex and it seems to happen no matter what modifications are made. Sometimes after changing the files in the Reflex folder structure, Reflex will crash when you go to start it. At some point I will try to dig into this further, it may be a matter of deleting some cache file or something like that. If so these instructions will be updated.

It shouldn't happen each time you start Reflex, just sometimes after you have modified the folder structure.

**** Disclaimer ****

Download: MXReflex_Cameras.zip.