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MXU Tracks for MVA fixed.
September 20, 2006, 09:34:10 PM by DirtTwister in Tracks.

All the MXU tracks have been fixed so that they can be selected for online racing when you have multiple ones in your User Tracks folder. If you downloaded them prior to 9/20/2006 17:00 EST, then you need to redownload them to play online without track selection issues.

Thanks to the fixer for rebuilding all the tracks and uploading them "one more time"!

Bruce (DirtTwister)

You can download them here

MXU Tracks for MX vs ATV Unleashed
September 16, 2006, 05:12:27 PM by DirtTwister in Tracks.

If you like the tracks in MXU for the consoles then you will love them in MXvsATV Unleashed for the PC. Thanks to Bob (fixer) TD is able to bring you 22 MXU National tracks and 24 MXU SX tracks. What started out as some experimenting within TD (lead by Laurie (mcm2boys)) turned into a labor of love for fixer. The amount of work in figuring out the problems and assembling all 46 tracks is just unbelieveable to me. It's a lot of work just to download and ride them all.

My helmet is off to Bob (fixer) for the amazing effort and to Laurie (mcm2boys) for the getting the ball rolling. Let them know what you think.

Bruce (DirtTwister)

You can download them here

Wilseyville Ca Hare N Hound
April 19, 2006, 06:01:23 PM by DirtTwister in Tracks.

Well well, it's Finally done, you may have seen preview pics and movies, it's all done !!

******This track contains a special traction map*****

Becareful, this track is VERY addicting, and fun on a quad or a 125,250,450, yes there are cuts, over the rocks, around the tree's, but careful as the grass is wet and guey, it's not really faster.

I want to thank ALL my beta tester's, time after time after time. This track may not be for everyone, its not as technical as Gorman (which is real fun track too) This has 2 min laps times, and go slow to go faster. I want to thank all the guys at Twisted Dirt for texture ideas etc.

Note: It runs real well even with all the treees, so dont be afraid, you are not going real fast, so it doesnt affect the frame rates too bad.

You can get it here.

Blues Creations

The Final Cut
January 15, 2006, 03:26:29 PM by DirtTwister in Tracks.

I thought the name of this track was appropriate. It is the last MCM 2 track TD will release before MX vs ATV Unleashed comes out.

Dave (VRT_RideBlue), the master and tamer of MCM 2 Traction Maps shows what the possibilities are with this track. It's a shame that we won't be able to do a track like this in MX vs ATV Unleashed. It uses several features that were just not included in the Unleashed editor (traction maps, hi-def dispmap, hi-def textures, custom objects, and eco style trees). So enjoy this track and you may just have to keep your MCM 2 CD handy for quite a while yet.

Here is what Dave has to say about his track:

"Well some 75 tracks later for MCM2 (yes thats my total track count) some worthy and some not, this will be my last creation for MCM2, I have learned so much from the Twisted Dirt crew, I just wish I had more time with this track as we were anticipating a new power curve and bike weight tool that never surfaced because of MVA's new arrival, this track was originally structured to a special bike weight and HP with a very detailed traction map that worked well. So with that said I restructed the disp map and traction map (40 hours spent on the disp. map and 10 on the traction map) I have come with a pretty technical track for your Supercross enjoyment. It is a high def track (must go in Nationals folder) with some decent textures, I would have liked to spend more time on them but this track will be forgotten when MVA comes out im sure. The object shadows are far from perfect but they fit the theme well. The slippery areas are shown on the textures as a white shinny area so be aware of them, they are subtle but will get you attention. It is a wide SX layout with alot of lines to choose from, I hope you guys enjoy.

VRT_RIDEBLUE65 A.K.A. Blues Creations"

You can get it here:

Bruce (DirtTwister)

Happy Thanksgiving day. Here's a new track from ATR_ElDiablo
November 24, 2005, 03:59:23 PM by DirtTwister in Tracks.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!!

Well...lots of people have asked for something more like I put this one together just like I did was designed and layed out in the same way. Then I decided to go one better and do it in HIGH DEFINITION this time. I did some new things with textures in 3D Max that makes the ruts really seem to jump out at you (bumpmapping).

This is a wfo/tech style nat. So far the best lap in testing was a 1:27 run by VRT_RideBlue (Dave). That is seriously smokin' and if you get anywhere around that you can consider yourself an MCM pro! lol

Just wanted to put something out for the holiday and this track presented itself at the right time. You'll have to look around for the other little extras...there's a Turkey in there hangin' out to 'gobble' at you when you finish each lap. Enough of my dribble...happy this track, rip it up and if you feel like back here and tell me what you like/dislike so I can keep tailoring the tracks to my audience.

ElDiablo (Paul)

Thanks to all my testers (you know who you are) and my co-horts at TD for all the help and continued friendship. Enjoy!

You can get it here:

MX Static 2.0 Turkey Creek

If you don't have it you will also need the latest eco.res file, which you can get here:

MXU Res files

Have fun,

ATR_ElDiablo's "Full Speed Ahead" available for download
October 23, 2005, 06:35:35 PM by DirtTwister in Tracks.

It didn't take long for Paul to release his first track at Twisted DIRT. Here is what Paul said about it, "It's mostly WFO with a little tech tossed in for good measure". I call it WFO with options. It is easy to make small mistakes and not have to pay big (ie. crash). While you are riding it, you may be distracted by the amazing sky cube. Here is what Paul has to say about that, "I used 12 digital elevation maps (DEM's) of the Yosemite Valley area that I downloaded from the US Geological Survey website and stitched together to make the terrain for the cube. I made a few minor adjustments and I think the end result turned out a fairly dramatic terrain."

Awesome track. You can get it here:

Full Speed Ahead

If you don't have it you will also need the latest eco.res file, which you can get here:

MXU Res files

Have fun,

Final MXU Supercross Tracks Released!
August 14, 2005, 05:14:25 PM by MCMnut in Tracks.

We're really not dead even though it may look that way. A few of us are still alive and kicking. smiley

Sorry about the long delay but we are happy to announce that we finally finished off the last of the MXU Supercross tracks (SX 20-24). As far as the MXU Nationals, we're still working on those and have recently made a lot of progress. Each track just needs the finishing touches applied and then they can be released. I'm not sure how long it will take but it will happen. For now, I hope you enjoy these SX tracks while you wait.

Follow the links to the download pages to grab them:
MX Unleashed for MCM 2


7 New MXU Tracks Released!
May 07, 2005, 06:07:24 PM by MCMnut in Tracks.

Sorry it's been such a long time but we finally have some new tracks for you to try. These include 6 new Supercross tracks (SX 14-19) and one new National (Goblin Valley).

Follow the links to the download pages to grab them:
MX Unleashed for MCM 2

Enjoy! smiley


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