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New Bike Models and an updated BikeSwitcher
21 November, 2003 by X_xracer in Utilities.

The TD crew has been hard at work on new utilities and bike models...

Today you can finally get the 2003 YZ bike made by AUS_Rocket and the YZ250F made by fraser. MCMNut has made available an 80 size bike model and a Monster Bike which everyone has to try at least once. With the additonal experimentation of one of our newest TD members (Extreme) we have got some new toys that go beyond motocross. Thanks to the guys over at Skins Xtreme who gave us a snowmobile model and Extreme who made it work in the game, we now have a snowmobile to play with. Skins Xtreme will be making up new skins for the snowmobile so keep checking there. Extreme also has come up with a Quad that works extreme ly well considering that it is really a two wheeled motorcycle.

These new models are not SLT files. They are a new type of file with more functionality called PKG for package. BikeSwitcher will no longer support SLT files. If you downloaded the Hillclimber and Mini you will need to download the new PKG versions.

Here is the new BikeSwitcher (ver 1.2):

image: BikeSwitcher v1.2

Click HERE to download BikeSwitcher v1.2. You can get the updated Bike Models here: Bike Model Downloads. Just unzip the bike models into your MCM 2 Bikes folder.

Have fun, AMA_DirtTwister