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General Discussion / MX vs ATV All Out Mods Anone??
« Last post by CBM Racing on Yesterday at 06:08:49 pm »
After playing and watching what THQ has done with this game since the release it has been a joke. They basically sold us a Beta game and are now having us test it and their patches break more things then they fix. So there has got to be someone ou in the gaming community that can mod this game. The developers said live on a You Tube live stream that they didn't really care if the game was modded. So who is up for the Challenger. The game has a solid base but with the right mods it could really be a great game. I only wish I was smart enough to Mod games I would have already had this game finished. Now I know everyone is still on the Reflex kick but this could possibly be Reflex 2.0 if we got the right mods in place. Bringing back the REV mod and the Reflex Mods would make this game the best game we would see for a long time. They are already modding MESX The Game with Bike Skins and Gear so why not the new MvA game. Anyway just food for thought. I am really hoping someone steps up and does this not only for us to have a great game to play but I fear this will be the final game from THQ if they keep gong down the path they are on.
Pretend that I just hit the LIKE button...
Yes, I use a Xbox 360 controller.  For some reason they don't let you set any controls on the "push down" of the control sticks.  If they did I would probably use then for shifting so I wouldn't have to take my thumbs off the stick.  My son showed me the "claw" grip where you wrap your right index finger up onto the 4 buttons, but I don't like that grip.  He will probably have problems with his fingers when he gets older from that grip, but he uses it all the time in FPS games and is really quick hitting any of those 4 buttons with his index finger.  My son has a third party Xbox 360 controller that I might try using.  It has two paddle buttons on the bottom that you can push with your fingers.  I'll have to see if the game will let me program those for shifting because that would be ideal.  The only problem is that the left stick on that controller sticks and you have to force it back to center.  When I used that controller playing Reflex on the Xbox it was a huge problem for me to correct the stick.  It's much better when it returns to center automatically.

Yes, you can "cheat the spline" around the edges, and you can go quite a distance before it will reset you, so that may be what they are doing.  It would be nice if they saved a replay of the hot laps, so that you can learn from their lines...or see if they are cheating by going off track.  If they are exploiting the physics but are staying on track then it isn't really cheating as far as I'm concerned, but intentionally going off track certainly is.  But yeah...I have a hard enough time making smooth fast laps myself.  I don't even think about ways to exploit the physics or cheat the spline.
What controller are you using? I assume xbox360 gamepad?

Have you tried "cheating the spline" and lapping just outside the tuff blocks (like ppl did back in MCM1 and other games).  You could go out of the spline around jumps sometimes, then back into the spline before the counter, etc.  I assume that the amazing lap times are prolly the same ol' thing as past games... and the reason why most track makers put tuff blocks, tires, fencing and rocks at the entire perimeter of tracks.

I have a hard enough time doing a smooth, fast, legal lap & never intentionally cheated, but I saw ppl do it online all the time.  When I tried it offline I crashed more than it ever could have helped my lap times...
Online play has not been good. I have had several times where I joined and had to wait for the current race to finish only to lose connection when that race ended. Any other time I was able to join a race I would also lose connection when that race finished except for once. Once I was able to run two races before being disconnected. Hopefully they will fix the online issues soon.

As for single player I still think it is great other than the AI racers will just ride through you if you cross in front of one or you hit each other, even if they are the one who should be affected the most with the particular situation.  Iíve also seen a lot of people complaining that he AI are too easy to beat even at the highest setting, but that is not my experience. That said Iím not the fastest racer playing this game, thatís for sure.  After looking at the leader boards I have no idea how people are turning the top lap times. They certainly arenít riding the tracks as originally intended and must be exploiting the flaws in the physics.  Sometimes if you get out of rhythm you can skim the tops of the jumps like you would a whoop section. This can end up being twice as fast through a section in some cases.

Still loving the game tough even with the issues that it does have.

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General Discussion / Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Video Game....Rocks!
« Last post by Bulldog on April 14, 2018, 09:27:51 am »
I'm reading everything, thx for the info!

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I'm reading everything, thx for the info!
Track Creators / Re: Supercross Encore Track making possibilities
« Last post by Darkslides19 on April 14, 2018, 08:38:37 am »
If you want to make good tracks for any game you have to spend some time with it :) In other words - you can't get enough practise, which means that making tracks for reflex will only benefit you ;)
I see I'm kind of talking to myself here, but I do that all the time anyhow, so I'll keep at it.   ;D

I've put 16 hours into All Out and then I put 18 hours into MES (probably 4 hours of that time is messing with the MES track editor).  I fired up All Out to play again tonight and I honestly can't even stand to play it.  I know they are both arcade games, but All Out is absolutely ridiculous.  When you are on the ground it is like driving a slot car because the bike is literally glued to the ground, and adjusting the bike tuning doesn't really help much.  You go from glued to the ground where you can take turns full speed on a rail to riding on ice.  The bike physics are absolutely positively horrible compared to MES.  There is absolutely no "feel" to how the bike handles on the ground.  And when I say the physics are horrible, I mean they are HORRIBLE.  The only thing good in that game physics wise is the ability to throw some awesome whips.  Other than that it just plain blows!  The physics of Reflex are light years better.  Heck even Supercross Encore  is better with it's slightly slippery everywhere feeling.  But this is just my opinion.

If you are going to buy both games I recommend buying All Out first so that you aren't completely disappointed playing it after playing MES.  Then after playing All Out you will be absolutely amazed at the MES physics when you realize that the need to manually shift gears and lean the right amount in the right direction makes a world of difference in each and every corner.  Buy them both and see for yourself.
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